"MKM" is The 2018 Attacking Trident


When August comes we will have some new faces as well as some old ones. This is the case of "MKM" the new attacking trio for the Lady Mavs. They will bring experience, technique and good futbol to the field as well as hopefully many goals. "Megan, Kayla and Mayra are gonna be great this season said Coach Castillo. We could see glimpses of their talent last season and they were sometimes truly amazing". 

Let's start with Megan Deshazo, the sophomore will come in after having a very good first year. "Megan was great for us. She scored a total of 10 goals but her work off the ball was unbelivable. She creates so much with or without the ball for us, her runs off the ball are very good. Needless to say she scored some of the most important goals of the year when the team needed them the most" said Coach Castillo.

Kayla Mireles was also very important for the same reason. Her amazing skills but also her hardwork without the ball. Coach talked to us about Kayla; "Kayla is so dangerous on the ball it's almost unreal to witness at times. She made the Tyler players looked so bad when they tried to take the ball away from her. However I believe that she will score more goals than last season. Kayla has the potential and qualities to become a great player" Coach Castillo pauses for a second and then adds: "And then we have Mayra Vega. One of the most skillful and smart players I've seen, her change of pace, control of the ball and shots are very very good. Unfortunately for her and the team she was nursing a foot injury that she got very early in the season and that kept her from be at a 100%. The times she played healthy she did amazing things and helped the team tremendoulsy. So I am sure she is ready to take on this season".

"And then we have the incoming freshmen that will add great talent. Their desire to earn a spot in the game will bring great energy and competition on the team. "We will have a fast and hardworking freshman class coming in Castillo said. We are excited to see how the puzzle will translate to the field this season"


Megan Deshazo scored a total of 10 goals and 1 assist. They added a total of 4 game-winning goals in the season. 1 of them to clinch the Region II Championship against Rose State in over time.

Kayla Mireles scored a total of 9 goals and had 7 assists. She had a total of 2 game-winning goals.

Mayra Vega could only start in 3 games due to her injury but scored a total of 1 goal which was a game-winning goal and she also had 3 assists.


The Lady Mavs will play their first home game of the season against the National ranked Butler on August 29th at 2PM at NOC-Tonkawa Soccer Field.